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Sunday morning is only half the story! Everyone at Bridge Community Church is also encouraged to be involved in one of our Community Groups, which meet throughout the week in people’s homes.

These are smaller groups where strong friendships are built. Discipleship happens as we eat together, study the bible, pray, worship and share our lives together. Each group is also involved in some kind of outward ‘missional’ focus, such as caring for the homeless, or reaching a particular part of the city.

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Our Groups:

Kate & Lloyd's Group: 
    When: Sunday Nights from 7pm
    Where: North Road, Stoke Gifford
    Focus: Encouraging each other in personal evagelism and going deeper in the Bible
    Cluster: Jamie & Debbie's

Debbie and Jamie's Group: *New: launching May 2017
    When: Thursdays from 8pm
    Where: Ellan Hay Road, Bradley Stoke
    Focus: worship, praying for the city, reaching our friends with the gospel including monthly guest-friendly socials
    Cluster: Jamie & Debbie's

Phil & Lydia's Group:
    When: Wednesdays from 7:45pm
    Where: Cynder Way, Emerson's Green
    Focus: Strengthening families
    Cluster: Mick & Maggie's

Tracy & Alba's Group:
    When: Wednesdays from 10am
    Where: Various locations
    Focus: Daytime group open to parents with babies and children
    Cluster: Mick & Maggie's

Mary & Geoff's Group:
    When: Wednesdays from 7:45pm
    Where: Winterborne Road, Stoke Gifford
    Focus: Strengthening families
    Cluster: Mick & Maggie's

Didge & Helen's Group: 
    When: Wednesdays from 8pm
    Focus: Reaching East Bristol
    Cluster: Paul & Camilla's

Amanda's Group:
    When: Fridays from 10am
    Where: Fouracre Avenue, Downend
    Focus: Daytime group
    Cluster: Paul & Camillas

Lou & Dan's Group:
    When: Thursdays from 8pm
    Where: Morley Close, Staple Hill
    Focus: Reaching East Bristol; Strengthening and equipping each other through word, worship and time in His presence
    Cluster: Paul & Camilla's

Andrew & Amy's Group: *New Launching May 2017
    When: Thursdays, 8:30-9:30pm
    Where: Mortimer Road, Filton
    Focus: A short, accessible group for busy people
    Cluster: Jamie & Debbie's

Youth Community Group - Run by James and Liz Singh
    Meets Monthly on the first Monday. Discipleship group for 11s-18s.

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